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Confession of a serial procrastinator…

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

I'll tell you later.


Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

This morning, on my way to work, I was contemplating some things… Ann Hathaway for one..  Telling her as she was kissing on me that I was a married man and that I loved my wife and this isn’t what God had planned.  I posted about it even on FacePage.. I did it through my phone… I have it blocked on my computers because it is such a time suck.

So the kids got up… Well 2 out of the 3 school kids got up…  and got ready… the 3rd, went back to bed… twice apparently.  So I’m headed to work after dropping them off at school, and I am half contemplating life, half talking to God, half trying to pay attention to what’s going on while driving, and half day dreaming… (Oh the joy of ADD) and I’m realizing that I am hungry…  So I was going to go to McDonald’s and pick up something.. and I suddenly felt fat.  I drove right on by it… and got on the interstate… I went back into my half/half/half/half – contemplation prayer… and I just thought about how I’ve put on weight again… The belt is getting tight… and that’s not where God wanted me to be… So I get onto I480 from I80 and get over to exit Martha… and I suddenly think:  Oh… I could get a burrito… and was about to get back over to head for the bluffs… No…  That’s not what I want… So I take Martha and head to Bag and Frills/Save and No… Whatever.. and buy some canned soup, some yogert, some paper bowls, splenda-oid, and some jello and head for work.  I go over the viaduct, and look at the rail yard and see a train coming… and I just realized how fortunate I am.  I mean, I have money issues just like the next person, but I can buy food… I have an abundance of food in my nice warm home with a warm wife and warm children.. And I think back to the store… the old woman in front of me… buying tortillas, mighty dog, and soda.. She checked out… and was walking off… one of the cans of dog food fell out of her cart and she says to herself..  “Oh, I dropped my meat.”  My heart broke.  I didn’t know what to say…  So I just checked out and got my stuff to the truck… feeling… odd…   So again.. I felt so fortunate and off to work I drove…

I got out of the truck, saw a co-worker and headed into the office.  We entered the tunnel and behind us, what I guess were two homeless guys getting out of the cold.  They followed us into the building and the guard and another employee shooed them out… but I felt guilty for not just handing them my bag..

I think God is setting me up for something… I don’t know what…  So today, I will be grateful for my wife, my children, my job, my home, and the food in my belly… I am not suffering… I am grateful for having great, Godly people in my life, and other awesome people who don’t realize that they show God’s love….



(Cal Count after Breakfast 340)


Friday, November 12th, 2010

I am a bit shocked at how a simple little post can set me into a tail spin of being very torqued.  It shouldn’t… but it did.  I have a very full plate at the office today, and trying to do that with a full plate at church and a full family plate.. Cut me some slack.

Maybe instead of lunch, I will take time to pray… for a few things.  Ol’ Fleshy woke up last night… Tired, frustrated, angry fleshy.. and I prayed about it… but I’m not letting go of Ol’ Fleshy like I should.  This is why I’m writing… Just to get my frustration out.

To sum up… I have had some huge projects and stress points at work this past week, there was the funeral over last weekend, and more deployments coming up that I have to have meetings for and will be up at all hours of the night this next week… Trying to plan things for church is tough when there is a time crunch and half delirious from not having enough sleep.  My family is wanting my time.

*grumble*  More work stuff piled on.

Need to make a food order and dig back into work.

I’m complaining, but I love my life.  I enjoy serving the Body, I enjoy serving with my wife and kids… I like my job..  I just have a bunch on my plate this week and I let a a silly little comment derail the awesome things God has going on for me.


Not a good day to be dragging.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

I am tired. Went to bed late, talked to the wife until even later, woke up multiple times through the night to the Bebe freaking out because I got to close then at 4:30AM I woke up and swore I was late for work, so instant panic and pumped some adrenaline… yeah… doesn’t make for good sleep for the next hour… So get back to sleep and don’t get up out of bed until 6:22AM and didn’t get to work until 7:15am-ish. I am beat.

So tonight, I get to go cook dinner at the church. I ask Lord that you give me the juice to get through this in one piece and manage to get a good night’s sleep in.

To do’s: Finish work day, cook dinner, be a table leader at my connect group, get purchase order, set up account for local bakery, price and prep my food order for next week, make my lunch for tomorrow, spend time with my wife ALONE, get at least 30 minutes of play time, and try to gather info for the mortgage modification.

Tomorrow’s looking better… I have to work, make my food order for next week, try to find a shopping cart plugin for Coppermine and see if I can get it to work, configure it to work with PayPal, and ship digital copies. You know, the easy stuff.

Blogging without my brain…

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Ok, some of you either do or do not know that I am a sufferer or have been gifted with a severe case of ADD. I am also medicated for it. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to go off the deep end or that I’m dangerous, it means that I am distracted by, I don’t know… EVERYTHING! Random thoughts, pens, this stupid little coffee stain on my desk that I can scrape up with my nail. It’s like my world has gotten fuzzy and everything is so loud. I am always squinting to kind of drown out the world except for what I’m looking at and it gives me a headache.

I get a bit random in my thorught processes and some times I tend to repeat myself becauce I just forgot what I had JUST said. (funny, I had to re-read what I just wrote to make sure I didn’t do JUST that.) It really gets compounded when I don’t get enough sleep. So where some people say, I’m tired and I can’t focus? Yeah, I wish that was all I had to deal with. Try reading a book while trying to follow along with a movie such as Star Wars while riding a rollercoaster… There’s me with no ADD medication and tired trying to get something done. Oh man, you want funny? Try praying like this. Every random thought that I can supress or get back from takes me on a 5 minute track through Neverland… Even better, it happens every 3 minutes. (Yes, I get the 2 minute overlap, that’s the point) Imagine getting lost in Neverland.

Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

People who don’t suffer through this don’t understand it. They have no concept of how your have to fight tooth and nail to follow a conversation and how frustrating it is when you forget what you were talking to the person about while talking to them about the thing that you are talking about. (Yeah… I followed that. Crazy Huh?)

chown -R us ./base

~The Ascended (and distracted) Dragon