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Americas children in danger.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

I may tick some people off. I may have some agree with me… What this is an opinion and I as you are entitled to one:

What we need from our law makers is not more laws, or spending, or anything like that. We need sanity… law review, and a return to traditional values. Most importantly, we need to empower parents in the raising of their children. As a parent, I had a very healthy fear as my children grew older of the random nutjob calling CPS for me trying to discipline my children. I think, for the most part I did Ok. I had some big wins and some big fails… But that being said… It was always a thought in back of my mind…. Will someone see what I am doing and freak?

This ties the hands of parents… especially with "problem" children… Will there be abuse? Yes, and no law or CPS will stop it. Will a child feel picked on by their parents? Yes… I felt like I was.. but my mother was trying to make up for my father not really being a disciplinarian and then not being there… She did her best… And trust me… the woman never gave a thought to CPS when she grabbed the handiest thing to beat my butt with. I wasn't a bad kid… I was a lazy kid with a big mouth… (Not much has changed either). I really didn't get in trouble doing bad things… I got in trouble doing dumb things… or running my mouth… I was in 1 fight in school… Mr. Randy Johnson… Someone said I was "Talking about his Mama." which, looking back on it now was freaking funny, because I hardly knew the dude.. Never had a problem with him… I wonder what happened to him? Anyway… I digress..

"Parents" today are expected to deal with their kids, amid a barrage of influences outside the home…. All while, having God pulled out of school, being forced to drink this "everyone is special, everyone wins, don't hurt your feelings" kool-aid, violence and sex everywhere… and more and more people letting their children run wild… and parents wanting to just be friends… These are not your friends… these are spoiled brats with a "entitlement" mindset… They have no concept of working for your dinner.

We need to pull back on the "government knows best" reins… and give the power back to the parents. Not only that, hold parents accountable until their children are of age.

Empower the parents people… Support true morality… Support Prayer in schools… and expect more from our children. God gave you these gifts, and like any gift from God, they can be perverted and used for evil.

God bless parents that stand for their children… by standing in the way of their children making bad decisions.

That feeling you get….

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

So I had a conversation today that really set me off.  I was mad, I was angry and I swore up and down I hadn't been mad like this in a long while… 

How long you ask?  I was thinking 5 years… So I run and grab lunch, feeling oh-so-antisocial and eat it at my desk alone antisocoally.  So I go to my blog to write about it all and my blog needs to be updated… So I update my blog then I geet a meeting reminder…

So, I am getting ready to go to a meeting and I get a call that my daughter's car just died.  The car that I purchased 12 years ago off the lot with 12 miles on it and I got even more mad… I couldn't believe how mad I was… and I was going to write a post on how mad and how full of rage I was and and and… 


On my way to grab my antisocial Subway sandwich I prayed that Jesus take my anger and my rage over feeling slighted…. Before I got the call from my daughter.

By the time my meeting that I went to at noon was over, I sat back down at my desk to write about how angry… blah blah blah…  It's just not important.   Understand that I got very spun up and wanted to go all Hulk-Smash… and well.. it went away…  

So, I thank God that he answeres prayers.




Post erased….

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

I have become a whiney bitch.. or maybe I'm just tired…  Maybe both.

Why do I do this to myself?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I keep getting myself more and more worked up the more I find out about what has been happening with Benghazi, with the IRS, with the EPA, and now even the raid on Gibson Guitars.  It has gotten to the point where I get worked up into a real frenzy.

I tweeted and retweeted a bunch of posts about Impeaching President Obama.  Though I agree that he should be impeached, I am a little ashamed that I posted so much stuff…  I fear that I am spewing the same junk that I have been angry about coming from the other side…  just with a different spin on it.  Facebook for me has changed from being about connecting with friends and family to being about following the joke that Washington has become and posting political rants.


I have been wasting time…. or have I?  What is my anti-President Obama rants got me?  Personally… Nothing.  Do I hope to raise awareness?  Yes.  Will I change anyone’s mind?  I hope so, but I doubt it.  I am using it as a launching pad for my anger against our POTUS.  All my friends and family see me spouting and running my mouth.  It’s only spreading hatred.  It’s not really doing any good.  I have to move away from it.  By the end of the day, I’m flustered and feel helpless.


That is not what God wants from me.  God wants me to place my faith in Him.  He wants me to pray.  He wants me on my face, praying for our country, praying for our leaders, and praying for the truth to be revealed.


I am sad that things are the way they are, but I will place my faith in Jesus that God has a plan…  Though I don’t know what it is…

Bad knees and happy pills.

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

So, this Sunday, I was volunteering in the baby room at church.  I was crawling around on the floor,   bring the puffs deliverer to the hungry baby masses.  I was having a ball.  When the kids started leaving, I tried standing up and my knee had another idea… so I spent the rest of the day trying to stay off of it.. But Sunday night, I was making dinner, sitting in a wheely chair and tried to move and I just felt a crunch and searing pain.  I screamed  at the top of my lungs… it hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes.


So I took some happy pills (that I have for my back) and ended up at the Doc the next day.  Looks like a bad sprain.  If it doesn’t get better in 10 days, I’m supposed to go back to the doc.  I have tweaked it several times today… and it reminds me that it is still hurt… Not my happy place.

I hurt it when I’m sleeping… it’s waking me up too… *sigh*


If you read this, please pray for me.







Thursday, March 21st, 2013

There are days I swear that I’m bipolar… Not that I am… But the dumbest things can just cause my day to crash…


Today it was no dinner being made, the youngest son apparently throwing a 12 year old tantrum, and then the backup dinner I had planned on having was taken out by 3 snacking children.  I lost my shiznit and stormed out of the house after bursting in my room where my wife was laying down… She didn’t feel good… I grumped in her general direction, grabbed my coat and left.  I was going to go to BK or something but ended up going to the grocery store.  Me… angry shopping… because I was whiney and hungry… Yeah… I felt like a jerk… This was NOT the way Jesus had intended us to love each other….  So.. yeah… I got some fried chicken from the deli and some other stuff we needed and came home.  It was guitar lesson night…


My instructor came in and gave me some really great news in his life, and as I was starting to high five him he gave me some very bad news…. and I swear I just sank.  It’s his personal news… no need to share it here.  I felt so bad for him.  I offered to pray for him, pith him… I just threw myself at trying to help him out… He was good… But tonight, instead of being laid back… it was “business” then he needed to go.


So now he’s gone… and I’m sitting here… Sad.  Very sad…. for him.  I don’t think he has a relationship with Jesus.  With what he’s going through… that’s sad.


He’s a good guy and I like him.


Too much running though my right now…  I will get to see my other friends tomorrow.  I need to come up with more nicknames for them… There are so many… and I don’t want to use their real names here… That’s just how I roll…


Soooo Middle Earth…

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

So “The Hobbit” came home yesterday from the grocery store… and for the first time in a long while we sat down as a family to watch a movie.  Lights were off, volume was turned up… Nachos were had… Life seemed pretty darn good.  I even managed to sneak in a VMWare tools upgrade in for one of my company’s clients.  All from the comfort of my living room.  I even told my boss yesterday that I was going to sleep in today which he was completely cool with… Yeah… I was going to communicate this to my wife, but she has NOT been feeling well and she didn’t sleep for squat the night before.  So I dragged myself out of bed, to find that my youngest son, who was woken up 3 times had missed his bus because he kept going back to sleep.  I don’t know why that ticks me off so bad.  It throws my morning way off.  He gets in trouble and he doesn’t seem to care.  He has an alarm, people wake him up… he goes back to bed.




This is the same kid, that prays with authority when we pray as a family.  The boy has an anointing..  He’s just… I can’t explain it… The kid is just belligerent chaos…  I pray for him all the time… that he finds his way… I don’t get it.

No new dreams last night… I was out cold.


Uhhh… It’s still early in my day…   I have more to ramble on about… Most of it centered around my music.  TTYL




It started as a post named: “Juuuust kinda pissed off.”

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Today is starting to be a very cranky day.

*record scratch*

In the name of Jesus, I take control of this day and redirect it to be positive.  I release control of my life to Christ Jesus, I release my anger and lay it at God’s feet, and I pray the the Holy Spirit fill me.  I make this announcement to the enemy.  You do not own me.  My ransom was paid.

My heart, soul, body, and spirit were bought and paid for by Christ Jesus.