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Americas children in danger.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

I may tick some people off. I may have some agree with me… What this is an opinion and I as you are entitled to one:

What we need from our law makers is not more laws, or spending, or anything like that. We need sanity… law review, and a return to traditional values. Most importantly, we need to empower parents in the raising of their children. As a parent, I had a very healthy fear as my children grew older of the random nutjob calling CPS for me trying to discipline my children. I think, for the most part I did Ok. I had some big wins and some big fails… But that being said… It was always a thought in back of my mind…. Will someone see what I am doing and freak?

This ties the hands of parents… especially with "problem" children… Will there be abuse? Yes, and no law or CPS will stop it. Will a child feel picked on by their parents? Yes… I felt like I was.. but my mother was trying to make up for my father not really being a disciplinarian and then not being there… She did her best… And trust me… the woman never gave a thought to CPS when she grabbed the handiest thing to beat my butt with. I wasn't a bad kid… I was a lazy kid with a big mouth… (Not much has changed either). I really didn't get in trouble doing bad things… I got in trouble doing dumb things… or running my mouth… I was in 1 fight in school… Mr. Randy Johnson… Someone said I was "Talking about his Mama." which, looking back on it now was freaking funny, because I hardly knew the dude.. Never had a problem with him… I wonder what happened to him? Anyway… I digress..

"Parents" today are expected to deal with their kids, amid a barrage of influences outside the home…. All while, having God pulled out of school, being forced to drink this "everyone is special, everyone wins, don't hurt your feelings" kool-aid, violence and sex everywhere… and more and more people letting their children run wild… and parents wanting to just be friends… These are not your friends… these are spoiled brats with a "entitlement" mindset… They have no concept of working for your dinner.

We need to pull back on the "government knows best" reins… and give the power back to the parents. Not only that, hold parents accountable until their children are of age.

Empower the parents people… Support true morality… Support Prayer in schools… and expect more from our children. God gave you these gifts, and like any gift from God, they can be perverted and used for evil.

God bless parents that stand for their children… by standing in the way of their children making bad decisions.

Soooo Middle Earth…

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

So “The Hobbit” came home yesterday from the grocery store… and for the first time in a long while we sat down as a family to watch a movie.  Lights were off, volume was turned up… Nachos were had… Life seemed pretty darn good.  I even managed to sneak in a VMWare tools upgrade in for one of my company’s clients.  All from the comfort of my living room.  I even told my boss yesterday that I was going to sleep in today which he was completely cool with… Yeah… I was going to communicate this to my wife, but she has NOT been feeling well and she didn’t sleep for squat the night before.  So I dragged myself out of bed, to find that my youngest son, who was woken up 3 times had missed his bus because he kept going back to sleep.  I don’t know why that ticks me off so bad.  It throws my morning way off.  He gets in trouble and he doesn’t seem to care.  He has an alarm, people wake him up… he goes back to bed.




This is the same kid, that prays with authority when we pray as a family.  The boy has an anointing..  He’s just… I can’t explain it… The kid is just belligerent chaos…  I pray for him all the time… that he finds his way… I don’t get it.

No new dreams last night… I was out cold.


Uhhh… It’s still early in my day…   I have more to ramble on about… Most of it centered around my music.  TTYL




Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Apparently, I have an audience.

Well hello there!

Well hello there!

Not that I was trying to have an audience… but hey… I guess since it’s posted on the interwebs, it’s going to be viewed by SOMEONE… I should have known better.  With the throngs of groupies that I have already… someone was bound to read the blog I really haven’t posted to in almost a year.

Why have I moved here you asked?

It’s simple.  If I go off on a rant on FacePage, at least 400+ people (or whatever my friend count it) will see it.  Some of them are co-workers, some of them are former co-workers, a lot of them are people I went to high school with that just clicked on my name because they remembered it.  Heck, I even have friends like that.  The point is… Few people on FacePage are invested in me.  I use this as my personal journal of things I want to go back and look at.  I guess I could use my livejournal account.. That goes back to… 2002 I think?  That’s very much BC…. That’s fun just trying to remember how that went…  I went back and looked at some of those posts… I swear I was insane when I posted them…. Looking at that time in my life, I had to have been.  No blog wars, no friend drama, no ex-wife drama, no real kid drama, no financial drama, no work drama…

Holy Crap… God, what have you done?  I just realized that MY drama has dropped to next to nothing.  The people I choose to surround myself with… don’t come with drama…  They come with wine and cheese, hugs, stability, honesty, and a desire to lift up those around them.  That’s not commentary against anyone… that is commentary FOR some friends.

4 of the 5... We miss you Cheesecake.

4 of the 5… We miss you Cheesecake.

Thank you God.



Happy Birthday Beans

Monday, March 18th, 2013

4 years ago today, I watched my wife, get rushed out of the delivery room into emergency surgery as her life and the life of my daughter started to slip away. As I was held back by the nurses, I just wanted to go with, but they wouldn’t let me out of the room. I remember being so frantic I just started to dance… Not anything cute.. just shuffling my feet… It wasn’t out of happiness, but out of nervousness. When they finally let me out, they handed me a bunny suit that was way too small and told me if I wanted in the room with her I had to wear it. Ever see a fat man put on a yellow paper bunny suit that was too small? Comical if I wasn’t freaked out.

So they sat me right outside the operating room door where I could see in. I could see them working on my wife. I remember seeing Chloe being pulled out, blue and her immediately start crying. I remember saying. “That’s one. Now for the other one.” Then they let me in the room as they were closing on my wife. I immediately went to Chloe and after they said it was ok, I scooped her up and only put her down when they had to do something with her. I never left her side. My wife went into the recovery room and Chloe and I went into the nursery.

Chloe only left my site for 15 seconds as they took her weight and some blood, in a room with no other exits except past me. That kid wasn’t going anywhere. Then I remember them telling me that my wife was waking up and took Chloe to go meet her mommy. I almost lost my wife and my daughter in one swoop. God was there, though I didn’t realize it at the time. God knew what was coming though I didn’t  God made my daughter, despite the odds, perfect. No jaundice, not damaged, not anything but perfect. The pediatrician, came in, astounded… and said that. “She is perfect”. And after 4 years, I couldn’t agree more. She has had several nick names over the years… The one that stuck was Baby Beans… and now she is my Beansie… I am in love with my daughter and I know that God has something awesome planned for her. I am in awe of how he protected her and my wife when all signs said they should have both died.

Thank you God and Happy 4th Birthday to my Beansie.



Today is the day…

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Today my daughter takes her first steps into the world outside of the good old U.S. of A. She is claiming ground for the Kingdom of God. In just 2ish short hours, she will be boarding a plane headed for Nicaragua. Going there to assist kids in their sports program.

I had been praying for a while on a blessing to present to her. As her adopted/step/whatever I am-father to this kid, going on 9 years… I believe that she was under my covering. She started coming out from under it… and today I released her for her own mantle of Godly authority. She is standing on the Rock, and taking ground. She will be a prayer warrior, leading people to Christ, in unique ways. She is and will continue to be a strong Godly woman. She walks in God’s light, keeping her eyes on him… and as I blessed her mother, her descendants for generations will be shaped by her choices and will not even know it… The man that the Lord chooses for her will be strong in the Lord and will lead her family as a man of God….

This is the blessing upon my daughter… I speak abundant provision over my daughter so that she can be an abundant giver.

This I speak in the name of Jesus.

Yep, that was this week.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

I took this week off from work.  I have to say, it was one of the most relaxing weeks off I have had in a while.  I spent the time hanging with the wife and the bebe… even delivered meals on wheels with my dad.  I had an enjoyable Saturday with the Moose.  I can’t tell her that because she will get a big head like I like her or something.  Brutal’s telling me things should start to solidify by Thursday.  We’ll see how it pans out.


Did have some interesting chat time with the ex-wife with the kids.  Wont go into it.

My head’s going to explode

Monday, December 5th, 2011

It looks like we’re under attack again… this time it seems like it’s across multiple fronts with my family.  My mom, my dad, and my kids… it’s spilling over into everything.  I am frustrated and have been praying all day for the Lord to change me… for the Lord to carry me, and for the Lord to lead me.  This feels so beyond me right now… Lord please carry me and my wife because we are overwhelmed and we are dependent on you… You are our breath of life… please Lord…


Friday, November 12th, 2010

I am a bit shocked at how a simple little post can set me into a tail spin of being very torqued.  It shouldn’t… but it did.  I have a very full plate at the office today, and trying to do that with a full plate at church and a full family plate.. Cut me some slack.

Maybe instead of lunch, I will take time to pray… for a few things.  Ol’ Fleshy woke up last night… Tired, frustrated, angry fleshy.. and I prayed about it… but I’m not letting go of Ol’ Fleshy like I should.  This is why I’m writing… Just to get my frustration out.

To sum up… I have had some huge projects and stress points at work this past week, there was the funeral over last weekend, and more deployments coming up that I have to have meetings for and will be up at all hours of the night this next week… Trying to plan things for church is tough when there is a time crunch and half delirious from not having enough sleep.  My family is wanting my time.

*grumble*  More work stuff piled on.

Need to make a food order and dig back into work.

I’m complaining, but I love my life.  I enjoy serving the Body, I enjoy serving with my wife and kids… I like my job..  I just have a bunch on my plate this week and I let a a silly little comment derail the awesome things God has going on for me.