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Americas children in danger.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

I may tick some people off. I may have some agree with me… What this is an opinion and I as you are entitled to one:

What we need from our law makers is not more laws, or spending, or anything like that. We need sanity… law review, and a return to traditional values. Most importantly, we need to empower parents in the raising of their children. As a parent, I had a very healthy fear as my children grew older of the random nutjob calling CPS for me trying to discipline my children. I think, for the most part I did Ok. I had some big wins and some big fails… But that being said… It was always a thought in back of my mind…. Will someone see what I am doing and freak?

This ties the hands of parents… especially with "problem" children… Will there be abuse? Yes, and no law or CPS will stop it. Will a child feel picked on by their parents? Yes… I felt like I was.. but my mother was trying to make up for my father not really being a disciplinarian and then not being there… She did her best… And trust me… the woman never gave a thought to CPS when she grabbed the handiest thing to beat my butt with. I wasn't a bad kid… I was a lazy kid with a big mouth… (Not much has changed either). I really didn't get in trouble doing bad things… I got in trouble doing dumb things… or running my mouth… I was in 1 fight in school… Mr. Randy Johnson… Someone said I was "Talking about his Mama." which, looking back on it now was freaking funny, because I hardly knew the dude.. Never had a problem with him… I wonder what happened to him? Anyway… I digress..

"Parents" today are expected to deal with their kids, amid a barrage of influences outside the home…. All while, having God pulled out of school, being forced to drink this "everyone is special, everyone wins, don't hurt your feelings" kool-aid, violence and sex everywhere… and more and more people letting their children run wild… and parents wanting to just be friends… These are not your friends… these are spoiled brats with a "entitlement" mindset… They have no concept of working for your dinner.

We need to pull back on the "government knows best" reins… and give the power back to the parents. Not only that, hold parents accountable until their children are of age.

Empower the parents people… Support true morality… Support Prayer in schools… and expect more from our children. God gave you these gifts, and like any gift from God, they can be perverted and used for evil.

God bless parents that stand for their children… by standing in the way of their children making bad decisions.

I hope its not as dismal as I think it is…

Monday, November 17th, 2014

So… I am going to talk about Ferguson Missouri, my thoughts on what I’ve read, my feeling on the whole deal.  So.. I may be wrong.. I may have my facts completely backasswords… but it is what it is….  I wanted to post this out someplace… Someplace that I could go back to, to see if I had anything right.


So I hear that the Governor of Missouri is calling out the National Guard in a state of emergency in preparation for the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson verdict.  Thug versus cop.  The dude that was high, a known criminal and who had just committed a crime and who assaulted an officer of the law versus a man who had sworn to uphold the law.


I wasn’t there… I can’t say what EXACTLY what happened… but from the evidence of the medical examiner, it seems to corroborate Darren Wilson’s story.  What I see happening, is a community of the have little’s feeling downtrodden… and being “empowered” by entitlement.  Crime and gangs are running rampant… and because of the entitlement attitude, they have no respect for authority…  So when challenged, they attack… They choose poorly, and get butt-hurt when they get smacked down by the law.  They lie, they cheat and cry racism or police over-reach… or power trip…

I have this crazy idea… How about instead, we work hard for our future instead of either expecting someone else to foot the bill or… well… being “entitled”.  Why should anyone work, when hard working men and women pay the bills?  Well, in my opinion, it makes an entire generation of lazy, people who milk the system.  I’m rambling…


Where am I going with this?


Believe it or not, it is more a fear of the government…  Wait, what?


Yep… Government… I am fearing that this is going to end up a few ways… The state of emergency may turn into a state of martial law… American’s rights could be trampled… and with the “pot stirrers” and race baiters on site to get the masses frothing at the mouth.. I am afraid that this is going to end poorly.


I am worried that this is going to touch off a full blown revolution… How you ask?  If the state of Missouri issues martial law, that means that the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States will be trampled as “order” is attempting to be restored in Ferguson…. If the National Guard starts shooting, you COULD have people taking up arms to protect themselves… and things could escalate quickly. 


It is no secret that I am a Tea Party Conservative… I believe in working hard to get where you want to be… and that our Constitutional Rights, were given to us by God, not man.  If martial law is issued… The government can just take your guns… they can strip you of your 1st amendment rights… they can strip you of your second amendment rights… and just keep going down the line… Media can be shut down… or “blacked out”… 


I am not having a positive feeling here… It’s honestly scary… if you think about it…  This could spill out of Ferguson… it could spill into St. Louis… and then spread like cancer from there….  I could be pessimistic… I could be a negative Nancy..  I honestly pray to Jesus that I am wrong…  But with as polarized we are as a country… and with how fed up everyone is…. And with that a… With our current president willing to completely screw everything with executive order… in direct contrast with the will of the people he vowed to serve… then… well… I hope you can understand why I would feel less that optimistic about the future….


Conservatism – The Sleeping Giant Part 1

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

I typically don’t link to my blog from social media sources, but I feel pretty strongly about some things that twitter and facebook really don’t do a good job at letting me communicate my feelings well.  That being said: on to what’s on my mind.


For some time now, I have been watching things change in this country.  When I was growing up, you had the “common sense” liberals, the “common sense” conservatives and the ground in the middle all battling over what was and was not decent.   It was a little cleavage or leg here… maybe a see through top there… and God forbid someone actually cusses on television…  The whole world was in an uproar.  Somehow, from about 88-93.. yeah… within 5 years, that became normal and acceptable.  The homosexual community was relegated to San Francisco, New York, and other key pockets… They were not the norm, they were the novelty..  It was thought to be kind of intertaining to have a “gay friend” or a “gay relative”.  It wasn’t bad… you could say, “Not my thing, but whatever.”  And you were ok.  It seemed that they knew that what they were doing was wrong, but they didn’t care.  They felt like that’s just how they were and accept or don’t, they were who they chose to be. 

I wasn’t forced into sensitivity training for not agreeing with them, I wasn’t prosecuted for not paying attention to them.  I let them live, they let me live… no big deal.  It was toward the end of the Cold War and looking back, it seemed the country had bigger fish to fry.  We had to keep on our toes because the Russians seemed to have their hands in everything in direct opposition to what we did.  Our leadership was concerned with our place in the world and the protection of our people, our interests, and our borders. 

Then the wall came down and that started to change things in the world.  We watched on live TV as the protests Tiananmen Square took a serious turn.  We watched as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and our forces mobilized to protect our allies.  We learned a new term: “Shock and Awe” and as a collective, hung on every word a man named “Storm’n” Norman Schwarzkopf we could get.  We watched as we stomped across the desert and took Iraq within days.  Our military was unleashed to do what our military was built to do.   Then for some reason, we stopped just short of our goal.  We had an opportunity to finish the job right then and there and we hesitated.  For some of us, this left a hole in our collective psyche; That things were left unfinished.  We left this thorn to be dig into our sides and it did just that for years.

Soon after the first Iraqi war ended we were treated to a new Liberal.  This new liberal pandered to the disenfranchised and the ignorant youth of this country.  He was younger,, understood how the media worked and could even play the saxophone.  He was well versed, well-spoken and had a charismatic charm that could get any intern to drop their pants.  New technology was developing faster than we could adapt, there was more money than ever to go around and we bought stock in fake companies, and rode that dot-com bubble all the way to Y2K.  This new demographic of liberal… the pro-gay, politically correct, “you have to be tolerant” chatter hounds  had established a beach-head.  They started to become organized.  They had this newfangled internet thing that the current VP created (sarcasm) and could talk and chatter behind the scenes… they could pool their creative resources and gather their forces.  By targeting the youth back in the 90’s, the liberal agenda captured the demographic that is most technically savvy.  Mom and dad (at the time) knew how to use a computer… they plugged it in, hit a few keys and could make the VCR tell proper time… but for the most part, a computer to them was that thing their manager had to put their time in on or it was that stuff in the movies.  I remember the first time that my mother heard I was using this thing called the internet… and was talking to people in Sweden…  You would swear she was Dorothy seeing Oz for the first time. The concept boggled her mind.  I, being the kind of geek that I was, dove in head first to this new technology.   I have been in the IT industry for at least 20 years, watching all this.  

So as I was saying, I watched liberalism sweep my (Gen X) generation.  We were taught that “The Old Boy’s” club was evil, and that “The Man” was keeping my generation down.  I watched as we were attacked by peace loving Muslims, again and again, and our response being lobbing a few cruise missiles or drop a “smart” bomb or two.  We didn’t really show force other than killing a poor janitor or two in the middle of the night.  We were too busy rolling in the money we had by shifting our construction, manufacturing, and industry to other countries.   We had shifted most of that to China and Korea because labor was cheap.  We didn’t care.  We managed everything remotely and rolled in the money as a country.  Just as planned, my generation became the generation of excess.  We have too much time to play games, eat food, and philosophize.  We became a generation of whiners and consumers.  We no longer were a generation that produced anything.  Yeah we wrote the software that made the world go round.  We pumped up the internet.  We developed the web pages and the code that made people laugh and kept the nation distracted, but we sold our future to the Chinese because it was cheaper and easier than doing it ourselves.

We, as a country then had to face scandal.  We had to stare into the face of this media giant, who was beloved by my generation (Yes I was a liberal at the time too) and ask the question: “Did you in any way have sexual relations with that woman?”  We were floored by the scandal.  The media (who I felt still had some integrity left) latched onto this story and as the pieces fell on blue dresses, audio tapes and cigars… we got to understand a new process in our media… Infotainment.  The news, which was our life line to the truth, began to speculate.  They inserted “what ifs” as possible facts… and retooled the truth as they saw fit.  They re-branded the prosecutor in the case from a truth and justice seeker to the villain.  He, at least to the Gen-X-r’s that I was around, the bad guy… the Debbie downer…. The party killer.  He was after our beloved media giant.

Whoa…. Ok, I am going to call this part 1… and will write more later… maybe…  Honestly I have to go to the bathroom and can’t think straight.  More later. 

Reflections and Ramen

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

I keep trying to write an intro that shows how I am not trying to sound so high and mighty.  So i just got hung up on how I shouldn't sound… Silly huh?


So here we go;


I am sitting here after a long On-Call week at work contemplating many things…  I am watching the Arab Spring become the Arab Summer.  I see our government riddled with mass corruption… I see a once great American culture, sucking the hind tit of a equally corrupt and spineless liberal media and being happily oblivious.  I feel that this is all too obvious, and there are people out there defending it… I am completely blown away. Lets face it, our POTUS is diligently working to dismantle this nation, and the liberal media is right on board the gravy train… Now I don't know if that's because they have been bullied into it… but I remember a time, not so long ago.. that our media ad "journalistic integrity".   It's a pathetic joke now… There are a few news agencies that try, but they are now targeted by our administration… 


So yeah… On this country's independence day, I am wishing that the Lord would come fix everything… 


So as I smell my ramen cooking in the kitchen, I contemplate where this world… this great nation of ours is going.  I ponder the meaning of life and my mind jumps around thinking about the future of our country, how good my ramen smells, the 2nd amendment, stockpiling food… aquaponics, and whether or not I can get through the next 90 minutes without getting a call from work….


I know that God has a plan.  I know that what is happening is supposed to happen… His ways are not our ways, and that I know… at the end of the day, Jesus has me in his arms.  The Father has me on His lap and I am snuggled in deep.  My hope, my faith, my trust… is all within You Lord.  I know that everything will be alright… and that God made ramen just for me.


Thank You Jesus.

Why do I do this to myself?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I keep getting myself more and more worked up the more I find out about what has been happening with Benghazi, with the IRS, with the EPA, and now even the raid on Gibson Guitars.  It has gotten to the point where I get worked up into a real frenzy.

I tweeted and retweeted a bunch of posts about Impeaching President Obama.  Though I agree that he should be impeached, I am a little ashamed that I posted so much stuff…  I fear that I am spewing the same junk that I have been angry about coming from the other side…  just with a different spin on it.  Facebook for me has changed from being about connecting with friends and family to being about following the joke that Washington has become and posting political rants.


I have been wasting time…. or have I?  What is my anti-President Obama rants got me?  Personally… Nothing.  Do I hope to raise awareness?  Yes.  Will I change anyone’s mind?  I hope so, but I doubt it.  I am using it as a launching pad for my anger against our POTUS.  All my friends and family see me spouting and running my mouth.  It’s only spreading hatred.  It’s not really doing any good.  I have to move away from it.  By the end of the day, I’m flustered and feel helpless.


That is not what God wants from me.  God wants me to place my faith in Him.  He wants me to pray.  He wants me on my face, praying for our country, praying for our leaders, and praying for the truth to be revealed.


I am sad that things are the way they are, but I will place my faith in Jesus that God has a plan…  Though I don’t know what it is…