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Americas children in danger.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

I may tick some people off. I may have some agree with me… What this is an opinion and I as you are entitled to one:

What we need from our law makers is not more laws, or spending, or anything like that. We need sanity… law review, and a return to traditional values. Most importantly, we need to empower parents in the raising of their children. As a parent, I had a very healthy fear as my children grew older of the random nutjob calling CPS for me trying to discipline my children. I think, for the most part I did Ok. I had some big wins and some big fails… But that being said… It was always a thought in back of my mind…. Will someone see what I am doing and freak?

This ties the hands of parents… especially with "problem" children… Will there be abuse? Yes, and no law or CPS will stop it. Will a child feel picked on by their parents? Yes… I felt like I was.. but my mother was trying to make up for my father not really being a disciplinarian and then not being there… She did her best… And trust me… the woman never gave a thought to CPS when she grabbed the handiest thing to beat my butt with. I wasn't a bad kid… I was a lazy kid with a big mouth… (Not much has changed either). I really didn't get in trouble doing bad things… I got in trouble doing dumb things… or running my mouth… I was in 1 fight in school… Mr. Randy Johnson… Someone said I was "Talking about his Mama." which, looking back on it now was freaking funny, because I hardly knew the dude.. Never had a problem with him… I wonder what happened to him? Anyway… I digress..

"Parents" today are expected to deal with their kids, amid a barrage of influences outside the home…. All while, having God pulled out of school, being forced to drink this "everyone is special, everyone wins, don't hurt your feelings" kool-aid, violence and sex everywhere… and more and more people letting their children run wild… and parents wanting to just be friends… These are not your friends… these are spoiled brats with a "entitlement" mindset… They have no concept of working for your dinner.

We need to pull back on the "government knows best" reins… and give the power back to the parents. Not only that, hold parents accountable until their children are of age.

Empower the parents people… Support true morality… Support Prayer in schools… and expect more from our children. God gave you these gifts, and like any gift from God, they can be perverted and used for evil.

God bless parents that stand for their children… by standing in the way of their children making bad decisions.

That feeling you get….

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

So I had a conversation today that really set me off.  I was mad, I was angry and I swore up and down I hadn't been mad like this in a long while… 

How long you ask?  I was thinking 5 years… So I run and grab lunch, feeling oh-so-antisocial and eat it at my desk alone antisocoally.  So I go to my blog to write about it all and my blog needs to be updated… So I update my blog then I geet a meeting reminder…

So, I am getting ready to go to a meeting and I get a call that my daughter's car just died.  The car that I purchased 12 years ago off the lot with 12 miles on it and I got even more mad… I couldn't believe how mad I was… and I was going to write a post on how mad and how full of rage I was and and and… 


On my way to grab my antisocial Subway sandwich I prayed that Jesus take my anger and my rage over feeling slighted…. Before I got the call from my daughter.

By the time my meeting that I went to at noon was over, I sat back down at my desk to write about how angry… blah blah blah…  It's just not important.   Understand that I got very spun up and wanted to go all Hulk-Smash… and well.. it went away…  

So, I thank God that he answeres prayers.




My heart today.

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

I have been keeping up on the Zimmerman trial, the virdict that came out, the insuing riots and demonstrations… I look at the outing of the TWA Flight 800 coverup… all the scandals in Washington… even my own postings about The Atourney General – Eric Holder, and other random moments of me speaking out… 

I have to remind myself… God has a plan… 

God is in complete control.  

That being said, I've been listening to a surmon from Joel Osteen and it has really inspired me.

I thank God that He has me in the palm of His hand.I thank God that no weapon formed against me will ever prosper.

Hebrews 1:14 (NIV) – "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?"

I am going to stand in faith… The Lord has me… I will walk with Him… I will believe that He is my salvation… 

Hebrews 4:12 (NIV) – 12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

I am going to believe that God is protecting me… I am going to believe that God is helping me… 

Philippians 4:13 (NIV) – 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.


I stand in faith that I have your favor.

Psalm 5:12 (NIV) – Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;
    you surround them with your favor as with a shield.


So I stand in that…. and I stand with what I feel the Lord is telling me.

Son, it's time to take the first steps.  Believe son, you can do it for I am with you.

Now what that means?  I'm not sure.  But I will pray into it… I have so many things I am looking at doing…  Do I spin a wheel?  Do I guess?  Well, If I pick the wrong thing of the things I am looking at… the first steps are small on all of them… I will be safe.

Lets rock!

Why do I do this to myself?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I keep getting myself more and more worked up the more I find out about what has been happening with Benghazi, with the IRS, with the EPA, and now even the raid on Gibson Guitars.  It has gotten to the point where I get worked up into a real frenzy.

I tweeted and retweeted a bunch of posts about Impeaching President Obama.  Though I agree that he should be impeached, I am a little ashamed that I posted so much stuff…  I fear that I am spewing the same junk that I have been angry about coming from the other side…  just with a different spin on it.  Facebook for me has changed from being about connecting with friends and family to being about following the joke that Washington has become and posting political rants.


I have been wasting time…. or have I?  What is my anti-President Obama rants got me?  Personally… Nothing.  Do I hope to raise awareness?  Yes.  Will I change anyone’s mind?  I hope so, but I doubt it.  I am using it as a launching pad for my anger against our POTUS.  All my friends and family see me spouting and running my mouth.  It’s only spreading hatred.  It’s not really doing any good.  I have to move away from it.  By the end of the day, I’m flustered and feel helpless.


That is not what God wants from me.  God wants me to place my faith in Him.  He wants me to pray.  He wants me on my face, praying for our country, praying for our leaders, and praying for the truth to be revealed.


I am sad that things are the way they are, but I will place my faith in Jesus that God has a plan…  Though I don’t know what it is…

Wow… You speak fluent Spanglish?

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

I had no idea how to title this one.  So many things to talk about.  Its a bit hard to narrow it down to something simple.

Lets start with my overnight… So after going to bed at 1 AM, I woke up some time in the middle of the night feeling like I was suffocating… Which usually means that the holes in my mask are covered… (I.e. The exhaust holes in my Bi-pap mask) They weren’t I just felt that I couldn’t catch my breath… then I realized that my Bi-Pap wasn’t acting right.  I fiddled with it for a little bit and realized that it was jacked.  It was barely pushing air and the inhale and the exhale were the same weak pressure.  Well crap… So I reached under my bed and grabbed what I call the “Travel” bipap and hooked it up.  I thought my head was going to pop… the pressure just seemed so high… but in actuality it was where it was supposed to be.  Wow… So today, though I am tired, I feel like my brain actually works.  I can form a clear thought .. which would explain why I have been so run down for the past month.  I haven’t been sleeping well AT ALL and have wondered several things…  So yeah…

Then today I get a text from a friend about something I said… I felt bad.. I wasn’t trying to start anything… aaaaaaaaaand that’s almost all I have on the subject… other than I hope that my Bi-Pap being messed up explains my dreams over the past month….   I really hope it does.  There’s more that I worry about because of it… but I will have to discuss with a friend of mine.

Also, since I changed my theme….. as the last one broke when WP upgraded… I lost all my counters… so I had to install a new one.  That’s done…

Currently running a post-lunch headache…. and Ibuprofen has been had.

So, to end on a high note… Last night, I got home from work, I grabbed my Beansie and took her out to dinner.  1 mini-cheese pizza and a doughnut… She’s high maintenance… let me tell ya!  🙂  I love my Beans… I got her home and Granny whisked her away for a sleep over… But not after Mommy and Daddy got one more round of happy birthday in…



Today is the day…

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Today my daughter takes her first steps into the world outside of the good old U.S. of A. She is claiming ground for the Kingdom of God. In just 2ish short hours, she will be boarding a plane headed for Nicaragua. Going there to assist kids in their sports program.

I had been praying for a while on a blessing to present to her. As her adopted/step/whatever I am-father to this kid, going on 9 years… I believe that she was under my covering. She started coming out from under it… and today I released her for her own mantle of Godly authority. She is standing on the Rock, and taking ground. She will be a prayer warrior, leading people to Christ, in unique ways. She is and will continue to be a strong Godly woman. She walks in God’s light, keeping her eyes on him… and as I blessed her mother, her descendants for generations will be shaped by her choices and will not even know it… The man that the Lord chooses for her will be strong in the Lord and will lead her family as a man of God….

This is the blessing upon my daughter… I speak abundant provision over my daughter so that she can be an abundant giver.

This I speak in the name of Jesus.

I really don’t know what to title this post.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

There is so much on my mind lately… first and foremost, I have to say how amazing it is that the Lord has blessed me and how abundantly he has blessed me in the past few weeks.  Obedience has it’s perks.

I’m just trying to be patient with things that are coming down.  I have some great news… just not able to share it yet.  BLARG!


Friday, November 12th, 2010

I am a bit shocked at how a simple little post can set me into a tail spin of being very torqued.  It shouldn’t… but it did.  I have a very full plate at the office today, and trying to do that with a full plate at church and a full family plate.. Cut me some slack.

Maybe instead of lunch, I will take time to pray… for a few things.  Ol’ Fleshy woke up last night… Tired, frustrated, angry fleshy.. and I prayed about it… but I’m not letting go of Ol’ Fleshy like I should.  This is why I’m writing… Just to get my frustration out.

To sum up… I have had some huge projects and stress points at work this past week, there was the funeral over last weekend, and more deployments coming up that I have to have meetings for and will be up at all hours of the night this next week… Trying to plan things for church is tough when there is a time crunch and half delirious from not having enough sleep.  My family is wanting my time.

*grumble*  More work stuff piled on.

Need to make a food order and dig back into work.

I’m complaining, but I love my life.  I enjoy serving the Body, I enjoy serving with my wife and kids… I like my job..  I just have a bunch on my plate this week and I let a a silly little comment derail the awesome things God has going on for me.


What constitutes an attack?

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I rarely dream at a level I can really remember. Don’t get me wrong, I dream… I just don’t carry much away other than fleeting bits and pieces. The past two nights though, I have been having very vivid dreams. Saturday night into Sunday, I had a dream where there was a group of women, dressed in settler bonnets and long dresses (My feeling is that they were part of that church in Kansas that protests gays at military funerals) were trying to get into my house. My wife and kids were in the house and I managed to keep them out. So they went into the middle of the circle that I lived on in my dream and launched a paper rocket into the air with their prayers in it. The rocket didn’t make it that high and fell to the ground. They then went to the house next to mine. As they ascended the ramp to the front door, I threw open the window and began screaming “BLASPHEMER!!” again and again and they got into screaming match with me… then I woke up. I left me feeling un-nerved. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but the images came to me all day. By last night, I had put them out of my head as normal goofiness and went about my evening.

Last night an old friend of mine called with a prayer request. Were one of the only Christian friends that she had and she felt that her Aunt and cousins were getting attacked in a big way. What she described was pretty bad, so I handed the phone to my wife who talked to her. A few moments later, we went to the van (as we were out) and began praying for this person. Later that evening before bed, we prayed for her again… In this prayer, I was compelled to say some things 3 times about binding and casting out. When we finished, we went to sleep.

That is when I started dreaming. I was with some people who insisted that if they performed certain actions again and again, it would make a difference, but it looked that they were caught in a loop leaping from train car to giant crate, to the ground to another train… IT was almost comical, but then it morphed into another scene of a father and daughter trying to escape from SOMETHING by train… The y had tied themselves together with rope and the train pulled away fast and the father made it to the train. His daughter didn’t and the rope pulled her and she turned reaching for me and began screaming as she was dragged away… Though I did not see the blood and gore, I saw her ripped in half as she disappeared into the bright horizon. I think I ran after her but she was gone. I was then up on the train platform and met a young child who proceeded to tell me how she ripped the flesh from her chest and brought me back to her mother’s home to show me a notebook showing the gruesome ordeal, just before she showed me the notebook, her mother came through the front door and I tossed the notebook back up on the shelf where the child got it. I turned to face the mother and then woke up.

I went to the bathroom, and when I opened the door to my room, it dawned on me that this was not “of God” and that this was an attack by the enemy. The air felt heavy as I walked into the room and I immediately dropped to my knees next to the bed and began praying to Jesus, to bind whatever spirit this was and to cast it from my home. I then crawled up on the bed, grabbed my wife’s hand (she was dead to the world) and then put my hand on her head and began praying aloud. Per my presbytery, I wasn’t going to let that come back. “Not on my watch.” After that, the room lightened… the Spirit was with me and all was good. I laid in bed contemplating what happened at 3:40AM in the morning and why it happened. As I stared up at the ceiling, I heard a voice say “Go to bed son.” At which point, I said yes sir and went to sleep.

This morning I feel beat up. I plan on praying on this a bunch. It was heavy.

I need some coffee and I’m off to go find it.

Blessings to you,
~The Ascended Dragon

Blogging without my brain…

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Ok, some of you either do or do not know that I am a sufferer or have been gifted with a severe case of ADD. I am also medicated for it. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to go off the deep end or that I’m dangerous, it means that I am distracted by, I don’t know… EVERYTHING! Random thoughts, pens, this stupid little coffee stain on my desk that I can scrape up with my nail. It’s like my world has gotten fuzzy and everything is so loud. I am always squinting to kind of drown out the world except for what I’m looking at and it gives me a headache.

I get a bit random in my thorught processes and some times I tend to repeat myself becauce I just forgot what I had JUST said. (funny, I had to re-read what I just wrote to make sure I didn’t do JUST that.) It really gets compounded when I don’t get enough sleep. So where some people say, I’m tired and I can’t focus? Yeah, I wish that was all I had to deal with. Try reading a book while trying to follow along with a movie such as Star Wars while riding a rollercoaster… There’s me with no ADD medication and tired trying to get something done. Oh man, you want funny? Try praying like this. Every random thought that I can supress or get back from takes me on a 5 minute track through Neverland… Even better, it happens every 3 minutes. (Yes, I get the 2 minute overlap, that’s the point) Imagine getting lost in Neverland.

Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

People who don’t suffer through this don’t understand it. They have no concept of how your have to fight tooth and nail to follow a conversation and how frustrating it is when you forget what you were talking to the person about while talking to them about the thing that you are talking about. (Yeah… I followed that. Crazy Huh?)

chown -R us ./base

~The Ascended (and distracted) Dragon