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My Home Work Part 2

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Ok… so… The part 2 in this is going to be me actually making the statement…

I believe that success is… 

Not having to work yourself to death, In a church home, deep in relationship with Christ, being respected by your peers, being in a financial position where you can be an outrageous giver and having enough funds to follow your passion.  All while sitting on your 180 acres of shooting and hunting grounds surrounded by people you love.







Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

I went back and read some of my old posts… Holy crap…  I can really write well…  sometimes.  Not now… its 1:25am..  I should  be asleep…  Soo much on my mind.

The brand of “The Black Sage”

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

So, I have been talking to the wife about “changing the world”, I have asked in prayer about what I am supposed to be doing… I have again, just now asked the Lord what he wants me to do… I have had a feeling that something was coming.

Last week, I had a complete stranger end up with my business card. At first, when she called, I thought she was a recruiter.. Trying to get a summary of my skills for a job… As it turns out she was just a person in need of help.  I believe that God has made a divine appointment here.

So I help her by doing some data collection, and send some emails trying to assess her need, and state of her now defunct web-site.  It’s gone, all the info that she had in it is gone… It never went live because she said that it wasn’t in God’s timing.  So I give her all the information that I have and what I know…  The site’s dead, no backups were made..  Gone.

Fast forward to yesterday… My new friend calls me up to talk about options… so I offer to host the site, set up a blog for her to use and support her the best I can.  I am NO web developer.  I am NO coder.  I am just a guy with a hosting plan, server knowledge, and a base understanding of WordPress.  I lay it all out on the table for her… and she wants to go with me.  Heck, I’m free and I want her to be successful… I want this site to be successful… I am excited about this…

This could be how I help _directly_ change the world.. this could be how I _directly_ help others… this could be how I _directly_ spread the love of Christ to those who need it most.

So it got me back to thinking about “The Black Sage” brand.  Because I’m starting to realize that if you facebook, twitter, blog, email, communicate to the world as a name, and for me that is “The Black Sage” then you have a brand.  A bona fide  brand that you have to protect in some way.  You have to be consistent.  You have to project that to each media stream…

So then it comes down to this question:  Do I do this for His glory or mine?

That being said… I choose for His glory.  I choose to have an on-line presence that has scripture at it’s core.  I chose to have an on-line presence with Christ at the helm.

I make this declaration that Jesus is the Lord of my life.  I declare that my media streaming output will do it’s best to align with scripture.  If I fail at that, I declare to try and make it right if I am called on it.

So today I launch “The Black Sage” brand.  Today I do it for His glory, not mine.



Deconstructing Dragons

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Come to find out yesterday, that for many years I have been hiding behind personas.

When I was afraid, or troubled, it was one, when I was catting around it was another, when I was a Pagan it was something else. For at least the past 9 years, I have hidden. My wife has seen the real me, a few of my friends have seen the real me, but for the most part… I stay rather shielded. I feel safe when I’m at church and can be me… (please understand as I am writing this, I am analyzing myself… so it may seem a bit spotty) I guess Pastor Old School, Pastor C++, and Chuey have seen the real me. I have done my best to drop all walls when I step into that place. I haven’t had much contact with Mr. Pastor Guy, since EVERYONE tries to get to him and he’s so sought after.

I didn’t expect Obi’s words to sting as they did… Not only that… to fester in me and totally hurt me. It broke me… or at least I felt broken. It was God healing me… It was God taking care of my emotional needs, healing my emotional wounds and working to make me whole. As you know, sometimes, to make something better, you have to reinjure it or sometimes it will itch as it heals. Broken bones, burns… they suck until they are better. Same things with emotional scars… but honestly, God has graced me with an easy procedure. When that was revealed to me, it crushed me. Funny thing though? Just the other day, I prayed for God to reveal my path.. reveal what I am supposed to do… and as such.. Shed light on the things I don’t see… Well, God did that for me in a big way and is comforting me as I work through it.

We have an awesome God.

~The Dude who was formerly the black sage.