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Homework Part 3?

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

So I have been asked to write my life mission…. And well… in BlackSage-eze… .the obituarty I want to have read over me at my funeral.

I am going to write this as if it's being said of my coffin…

Here lies Zack Wagner… he was a faithful husband, fathful father, faithful friend.  He is in the arms of Jesus now waiting for us to come and join him.  Knowing Zack, he has set the table and will have been cooking like crazy getting ready for us.  His wife passed recently as well, and I know they are in heaven together as we all knew their faith was strong.  He is survived by his 5 children, 40 grand children.  His children have taken over the legacy he has left behind.  BlackSage Arms LLC has been a solid provider for him and his children.  He will be burried next to his wife on their 180 acre ranch in the Hill Country of Texas.  The foundation that he and his wife started has put 120 kids through various Christian schools around the nation, focusing not only on tuition, but uniforms and making sure they have hot meals.  he was heavilt involved with their church and they have left a sizable donation.  In his will he has asked that he not be acknowledged by the church.  He will be missed.  We all knew, loved and respected him.

It started as a post named: “Juuuust kinda pissed off.”

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Today is starting to be a very cranky day.

*record scratch*

In the name of Jesus, I take control of this day and redirect it to be positive.  I release control of my life to Christ Jesus, I release my anger and lay it at God’s feet, and I pray the the Holy Spirit fill me.  I make this announcement to the enemy.  You do not own me.  My ransom was paid.

My heart, soul, body, and spirit were bought and paid for by Christ Jesus.

Take me down and lift me out.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Take me down… To where no worries cover my mind…

Take me down… To where we can be free of it all…

Take me down… To where the water flows cool and clear…

Take me down… To where the sun shines…


Lift me out of this grave of temptation…

Lift me out of this grave of doubt…

Lift me out of this grave of regret…

Lift me out of this grave of despair…


I seek Your face…

I cry out for Your grace…

I seek you day and night

Pulled back down into the world, I ache for you to be near.


Too many times I fall back to my flesh,

I stumble over myself pretending to be a simple man.

I am lost without You.

Oh Lord, rescue me from myself.


I praise You for the gifts you give,

I am secure in Your unending love.

My doubt is only in myself,

Lord I pray that you walk me through this.


Bump Bump..

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

I’ve been bumped a lot lately. It makes me really take not of what my friend Robert said this past Friday about inviting the Holy Spirit into the process of decision making.  So far, I have contemplated changing careers, changing my eating habits, changing my sleep patterns.  I’ve been bumped on my work ethic, my desires, my needs, my entertainment, how much I FaceBook… a whole bunch of stuff.  A real huge bump came today when someone I used to work with asked me for help… and I have been avoiding it because I felt I need to tell him some things that are hard to hear.  Well… I said them.  It may end the friendship.  It may grow the friendship.  Only the Lord knows how this will turn out.  I lay it at God’s feet.  I said what was in my heart as gently as I could.  I sent my wife a copy of what I sent him… and then she bumped me on what I said.

If I am to preach it, I should do a better job of living it.  So… yeah…

Lord, I lay my life at your feet.  I am nothing without you lifting me up.  I humble myself to your will and I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to guide my steps, my tongue, and live through me.  I ask Lord, to be your hands and feet and do you will.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray.


~The Ascended Dragon


Friday, November 12th, 2010

I am a bit shocked at how a simple little post can set me into a tail spin of being very torqued.  It shouldn’t… but it did.  I have a very full plate at the office today, and trying to do that with a full plate at church and a full family plate.. Cut me some slack.

Maybe instead of lunch, I will take time to pray… for a few things.  Ol’ Fleshy woke up last night… Tired, frustrated, angry fleshy.. and I prayed about it… but I’m not letting go of Ol’ Fleshy like I should.  This is why I’m writing… Just to get my frustration out.

To sum up… I have had some huge projects and stress points at work this past week, there was the funeral over last weekend, and more deployments coming up that I have to have meetings for and will be up at all hours of the night this next week… Trying to plan things for church is tough when there is a time crunch and half delirious from not having enough sleep.  My family is wanting my time.

*grumble*  More work stuff piled on.

Need to make a food order and dig back into work.

I’m complaining, but I love my life.  I enjoy serving the Body, I enjoy serving with my wife and kids… I like my job..  I just have a bunch on my plate this week and I let a a silly little comment derail the awesome things God has going on for me.


Friday, October 15th, 2010


(that is all)


Too much info.

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I’m amazed at how much of the web you think is safe, isn’t.

Must re-evaluate the Cheezburger network.