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Saturday, April 18th, 2015

So my wife has been losing a bunch of weight… So much so, that she honestly looks 10 years younger… I never noticed her being a larger woman… until she wasn't anymore.  I loved her and found her sexy exactly the size she was…  And now, as the weight is falling off of her… She just looks to be more amazing every time my eyes catch her.

I just edited this, where I took out the parts that would be TMI and things that would make the super sexy wife beat me.  The most wild part of this is that I now have a new fettish I think…. and that is grabbing her belly skin.  I can't keep my freaking hands off of it… 

Ok… I get it… too much info… but something else changed this week…  She got her hair cut.  I love her in long hair… but whoever cut her hair did it in a way that honestly took another 5 years off…. She looks… glamourous… When I look at her… I swear my heart skips a beat and I just get all giggly.  What the hell is up with that?

But it's still the same thing… the woman cannot take a compliment…  and when she puts herself down or doesn't give a favorable reaction to my compliment… we sometimes fight about it because I get so pissed.  My wife is amazing… God is making changes in her that I adore and love… My wife is so beautiful… her eyes when she looks at me are saphires… blue blazing saphires and her lips… just ache for me to kiss.  She has a smile that is electrifying… and I just want to kiss her all the time.


So I am about to post this… and my wife is laying in bed next to me…  I expect she is going to bean me for posting the whole fettish thing… but I don't care… I love my wife and I love what she is doing… I think she looks amazing and I love the way she looks at me.



When things change

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

So…  things… yeah them there things …  they change sometimes. 

With my wife, its been a dramatic shift in her weight.  Shift for the better.  I am not going into the hows or whys… just that it is what it is.  The other day.. I was laying in bed with her and she held up her arm to hold my hand and I  noticed that her arm was much thinner.  I first notice my weight loss in my arms, so seeing this in my wife made it more real for me.

That being said… I have always thought that my wife was beautiful and sexy… because she was.  She never believed me… and still doesnt.  But this weight loss makes her look 15 to 20 years younger.  Looking at the pictures of her… she looks younger now than when I  met her.   This is not the same woman…  but it is… and I am so amazed in her changes but fortunately, the old heavier her, in her pictures still takes my breath away. 

That means only one thing.  God meant for us to be together heavy or thin… she is more beautiful each time I look at her.  This woman who can in an instant, drive me insane, can make me happier than I  have ever been. 

She is my partner, best friend, lover, wife, mother of my brood, and soul mate. 

My heart is hers and I praise the Lord that i can call her my wife.

Kick it’s ass man!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

So I have a confession to make…

I feel very combative today.  I would dare say that I feel downright belligerent.  I feel frustrated with the world, my job, my kids, the state of the union, and my career.  Wife and I are doing good.  As such, in writing this, I am also seeking God’s face in this because I want that walk to be solid. 

Also… I am realizing that I am just pissed off enough about people talking things to death… Shut the hell up and get off your butts and DO something about it.

Protected: Frustrated.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Apparently, I have an audience.

Well hello there!

Well hello there!

Not that I was trying to have an audience… but hey… I guess since it’s posted on the interwebs, it’s going to be viewed by SOMEONE… I should have known better.  With the throngs of groupies that I have already… someone was bound to read the blog I really haven’t posted to in almost a year.

Why have I moved here you asked?

It’s simple.  If I go off on a rant on FacePage, at least 400+ people (or whatever my friend count it) will see it.  Some of them are co-workers, some of them are former co-workers, a lot of them are people I went to high school with that just clicked on my name because they remembered it.  Heck, I even have friends like that.  The point is… Few people on FacePage are invested in me.  I use this as my personal journal of things I want to go back and look at.  I guess I could use my livejournal account.. That goes back to… 2002 I think?  That’s very much BC…. That’s fun just trying to remember how that went…  I went back and looked at some of those posts… I swear I was insane when I posted them…. Looking at that time in my life, I had to have been.  No blog wars, no friend drama, no ex-wife drama, no real kid drama, no financial drama, no work drama…

Holy Crap… God, what have you done?  I just realized that MY drama has dropped to next to nothing.  The people I choose to surround myself with… don’t come with drama…  They come with wine and cheese, hugs, stability, honesty, and a desire to lift up those around them.  That’s not commentary against anyone… that is commentary FOR some friends.

4 of the 5... We miss you Cheesecake.

4 of the 5… We miss you Cheesecake.

Thank you God.



Sitting here thinking…

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

I am sitting here, waiting for an ISO to download so I can install a new SQL server and am watching a few youtube videos by Sungha Jung, this Asian guitarist… the guy has some serious talent…. and all I want to do is go home, sit in bed with my wife and play my guitar. I suck, but that doesn’t matter.. I just want to be with her doing something I enjoy.

Call me crazy.


Been praying….

Monday, April 9th, 2012

I have been praying on something lately… praying pretty hard… I haven’t gotten into the middle of anything.. haven’t fired any shots across anyone’s bow… but today, I was moved to send a text.. with the word “Mercy” to people in my family. I asked them to pray on it….

I have invested my blood, sweat, tears, prayers, time, and a big piece of my heart for almost 6 years… I have cried with, laughed with, journeyed with, held up, been held up by, supported, yelled at, been yelled at.. staggered, farted, lived real life with… for almost 6 years. I don’t think I have ever been closer to another man or woman other than my wife and children… And it honestly hurts me that this has gone away. When I said that she was my second (Plulonic) wife, I never really knew how true that statement was… when I refer to him as my brother… I really took that for granted too… until that was severed… I so desperately want that connection back…

So, I said today what I had to say… My heart is broken… and well… so is my wife’s. I have held my wife, night after night… her crying and hurt… her sister has cut her off…

I won’t get into what went on, because honestly, it’s not important to me. What is important is that there are two families that have so much history.. so much more than most people could fathom… who just were “done”.

My head just hurts, my heart aches, and this is the first time I am just sitting and really letting out how I feel about it. I am not going to confront, I am not going to belittle, I am not going to say “You should or shouldn’t” or point fingers.. because frankly I don’t care… My only advice here is to two people: You need to sit down, and have the heart to heart you two always said you could can have, not over a text or chat or email… but face to face, having an “ugly cry” with no walls, no accusations, no bullshit, no false front, no expectations, and most of all no holding back.  Then, AFTER THAT, if you chose to walk away from what we had, then walk away in agreement with a clear conscience.

It’s time to be real again… I don’t do good pretending people I LOVE don’t exist and I don’t do well when people pretend I don’t exist.

~The Ascended Dragon

Wrapping my head around it…

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I spent the past few hours wondering what the f#%@ just happened. Apparently, being a dude, I just don’t “get” it and why it was run so far up the flagpole. I’m just praying for God’s grace here and for the Lord to calm this storm… Cuz’ Wow….

I’m going to bed… I hope the Lord sorts this out in my dreams… because my conscious mind doesn’t get it.


Cater me gently

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Bump Bump..

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

I’ve been bumped a lot lately. It makes me really take not of what my friend Robert said this past Friday about inviting the Holy Spirit into the process of decision making.  So far, I have contemplated changing careers, changing my eating habits, changing my sleep patterns.  I’ve been bumped on my work ethic, my desires, my needs, my entertainment, how much I FaceBook… a whole bunch of stuff.  A real huge bump came today when someone I used to work with asked me for help… and I have been avoiding it because I felt I need to tell him some things that are hard to hear.  Well… I said them.  It may end the friendship.  It may grow the friendship.  Only the Lord knows how this will turn out.  I lay it at God’s feet.  I said what was in my heart as gently as I could.  I sent my wife a copy of what I sent him… and then she bumped me on what I said.

If I am to preach it, I should do a better job of living it.  So… yeah…

Lord, I lay my life at your feet.  I am nothing without you lifting me up.  I humble myself to your will and I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to guide my steps, my tongue, and live through me.  I ask Lord, to be your hands and feet and do you will.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray.


~The Ascended Dragon