Homework Part 3?

So I have been asked to write my life mission…. And well… in BlackSage-eze… .the obituarty I want to have read over me at my funeral.

I am going to write this as if it's being said of my coffin…

Here lies Zack Wagner… he was a faithful husband, fathful father, faithful friend.  He is in the arms of Jesus now waiting for us to come and join him.  Knowing Zack, he has set the table and will have been cooking like crazy getting ready for us.  His wife passed recently as well, and I know they are in heaven together as we all knew their faith was strong.  He is survived by his 5 children, 40 grand children.  His children have taken over the legacy he has left behind.  BlackSage Arms LLC has been a solid provider for him and his children.  He will be burried next to his wife on their 180 acre ranch in the Hill Country of Texas.  The foundation that he and his wife started has put 120 kids through various Christian schools around the nation, focusing not only on tuition, but uniforms and making sure they have hot meals.  he was heavilt involved with their church and they have left a sizable donation.  In his will he has asked that he not be acknowledged by the church.  He will be missed.  We all knew, loved and respected him.

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