Homework Part 5… NO! Part 4

So I have been getting some instruction to pick the one thing that is going to get me to what was outlined in Homework Part 3.  Being a serial procrastinator who is typically busy anyway on top of being distracted by everything, I manager to get brought along on a business trip to represent my company.  So.. Mix that in with being a workaholic, I just haven't had time until now to get my homework assignment….  So now, it's after midnight… this is due at 10AM.  I had better get started huh?

So I have started a new website called ZackDoes.com.  What is "Zack Does" you ask?

"Zack Does" is a media expression on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Sound Cloud. 

The general premise of "Zack Does" is that I have spent the better part of my life trying to substitute things for experiences, and I am missing out on a lot.  I am going to take my life back from the acquisition of crap and survival to not only live, but thrive through experiences.  I am done being scared of what other people think… I am done being scared of losing things… I am going to live again.  All with the underlying tone that I am living for Jesus.


So right now, I am having a conversation with my oldest about how I can't do this alone.  She is excited and my son is excited…


So… We are moving toward Comedy how to's, motivation, and scary/crazy things like short videos on twitch… like old guy does game reviews on 10 minutes of gameplay….  Silly things like that.   We will be getting together with all the kids to… pardon me… all the creative team to review…  

The idea is that BSA seems a little farther off…   Not dead…  Just not something I can do soon.  So, if I can grow this media campaign, the way I want to… I will start getting into new channels and streams, that will lead to "God and Guns".





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